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Roll call!

A'right. Who is coming over tomorrow to celebrate 20 years of Starlight Express? Haha. No costumes, this time.

What's on the menu? Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Iced with.. who knows. hahaha. We're going to get candy letters, and hopefully Nan won't get ahold of it, and write 'Wits and Bumlets' or 'Race and Ink' or 'Spot and Perk' or 'DaveyJackCrutchy and Shrink' XD So, nono, Nan! Haha.

Anyways. Yeah. Much dancing and singing ensues.

And probably Newsies. Urgh. XD

ANNDDDDD. Just reminding everyone.. get your ComiCon registration forms sent before April 22, unless you want to pay more, or wait in three hours of line (haha Jenny). :P

Man I feel like I'm advertising something.

In other news: Nan is having too much fun with the Name Meaning site. XD
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