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One. Thou shall respect the beliefs, morals, and ideals of all tree sitters - guest or other.

Two. Thou shall not bother or interrupt those studying, drawing, reading, or writing.

Three. Thou shall not whine or beg for excessive amounts of money, unless in conditions already understood by tree sitters.

Four. Thou shall understand that the tree is sacred.

Five. The tree shall not endure any forceful or unwanted touching.

Six. Keep frosh at bay.

Seven. Hackey sacks are to be kept off the tree property at all times. Carrots or other foreign objects, however, are permitted.

Eight. Theft is to be done only in joke.

Nine. Thou shall participate in set tree days, unless proper excuse is given for abscence.

Ten. Thou shall keep specified tree days secret.

Eleven. Thou shall keep drama in the theatres.

Twelve. Thou must submit (and adhere) to tree pledge.

Thirteen. Thou shall not guilt trip.

Fourteen. Thou shall apologize where necessary.

Fifteen. Thou will invite tree members to witness outside activities.

Sixteen. Thou shall keep hair clean, regardless of style.

Seventeen. Thou shall share frustrations concerning the entire tree sitter population WITH the entire tree sitter population.

Eighteen. Tree sitter problems are to be solved maturely and in agreement with all tree members.

Nineteen. Thou shall understand fellow tree sitters' schedules: school, social, or other.

Twenty. Thou shall hang banana peels in usual ceremony.

Twenty-one. Thou shall not obsess in company of those not equally inclined.

Twenty-two. Thou shall adhere to all rules.

To submit an additional commandment, reply with suggestion to be possibly approved by commandment elders (Veronica and Katie).
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